A Business is Born

From the time I was very young I was always creating something. If you're reading this, you probably were, too. Did you focus on one area of creativity, or did you dabble in several? I was a dedicated dabbler. My enthusiastic heart yearned for opportunity. So, I eagerly took every chance to try something new.


As a young single parent who wanted to be home with her children, I ran a couple of handmade businesses from my home. Even though they were helping to support my kids and I, it never occurred to me that this was something I could do for the rest of my life. After all, it was only a small handmade business.


Fast-forward through adulthood to a particular winter's day two years ago when I was a disgruntled, disappointed consumer. I had purchased my second candle from a local maker. The first candle I'd bought was wonderful...the scent filled the rooms, the candle lasted a long time and the price was moderate. When I bought the second candle I was disappointed...big price increase, and a big drop in quality of the candle. I thought to myself, "I can do better than this."


Has that ever been you? What led you to start your handmade business? Or what kind of handmade business do you dream of starting?


After copious amounts of research and gathering supplies at the craft store, I made my first batch of scented soy candles. It was love at first smell. The glorious combination of creativity and science had all of the synapses in my brain firing away. Candlemaking was a mashup of aromatherapy, art, meditation and chemistry. Within a month of that first batch I started my soy candle business, and Creatively Intentional was born.


I could keep going, but I think this is enough for now. Next time I want to tell you how four candles led to a small handmade business and how that business just keeps on growing. In the meantime, I'd love to know what led to the birth of your handmade business.

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