The No-Stress Set of 3 Half-Pint 8 oz Soy Candles

The No-Stress Set of 3 Half-Pint 8 oz Soy Candles


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Give the gift of a calm environment, relaxation after a stressful day or a scent to soothe the nerves. This Gift Set contains our trio of scents to calm, relax and soothe your senses. It includes a set of three half-pint (8 oz) soy candles in:
Calm — Frankincense & Myrr
Relax — Lavender Chamomile
Soothe — Lemon Verbena
Scent Descriptions:
CALM -- FRANKINCENSE & MYRHH. Infused with natural essential oils, CALM produces an elegant and relaxing blend of frankincense and myrrh, with the additions of bergamot, musk and amber. This year-round fragrance is ideal for those who wish to leave stress and problems behind for a while and enjoy an atmosphere of calm and relaxation that allows them to feel they've entered a whole new space.
RELAX -- LAVENDER CHAMOMILE. Infused with natural essential oils, RELAX produces a delightful fragrance blend of lavender, orange, chamomile and eucalyptus. This year-round fragrance is ideal for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxing atmosphere.
SOOTHE -- LEMON VERBENA. Infused with natural essential oils, SOOTHE produces a bright lemon fragrance that balanced out with lemon verbena and lemongrass. A vanilla bottom note softens and grounds this beautiful herbal citrus blend. This year-round fragrance is ideal for people who've had a rough day or are facing difficult situations and need some soothing, comforting aromatherapy to help them enjoy a much-needed break.

All of our candle and wax melt products are handmade, hand-poured and hand-packaged. We use 100% natural soy wax, infused with plant-based essential oils for a clean burning vegan product that’s free of toxins, carcinogens, pollutants and dyes. The wicks we use are 100% cotton, containing no lead or zinc, and DO NOT produce petrol soot while burning. 

Wax melts are ideal for small spaces such as bathrooms. 

8 ounce candles work best in mid-sized rooms, such as kitchens or bedrooms.

Pint-sized candles offer the best scent throw for larger rooms or spaces.

At Creatively Intentional, we are always open to new fragrance ideas. Send us a message with your suggestions!