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100 Order Mission -- Our Project to help us pay for expansion

We are busting at the seams, and desperately need to expand our workspace and upgrade equipment. Rather than incur debt by taking out a loan, I'd prefer to earn the money to pay for a 65-pound wax melter and to have a spare bedroom renovated into a studio. Which leads me to the 100 Order Mission:
I've set a goal to get 100 orders during the month of January 2022, so that I'll have the cashflow to purchase a 65-pound wax melter and have my spare room turned into a studio. These two things will be game changers, and allow us to keep up with demand without having to work 6-7 days per week in a small kitchen. Streamlining our production and shipping processes will allow us to participate in more markets, produce more candles and keep up with the growth Creatively Intentional has experienced in the past two years.
Throughout the month of January 2022, every online order will count toward our goal of 100 orders. It doesn't matter how small or big the order is. All orders count, whether they're for candles, subscription boxes or wholesale orders. Every few days or so, we'll let you know via Facebook or Instagram how we're doing toward our goal.
Placing an order isn't the only way to help us reach our goal. Sharing our Facebook or Instagram post, or email if you're a subscriber, will help others learn about the 100 Order Mission. We appreciate your support!
During the month of January we're offering a free 16 ounce candle for every $100 spent. That includes wholesale orders, too. But that's not the only benefit to you! Being able to streamline the candlemaking process means we can make more candles, participate in more events, and have time to come up with new products we think you'll love.
I'm excited and a little nervous to embark on this mission. But I'm always telling everyone that I have the best customers. Thank you for helping us grow to the point where we need to expand. You are and always have been our reason!
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