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Our Story


In January 2018, a disappointed candle customer decided to make her own candles in an effort to have home fragrance that smelled like it said it would, filled the space, and didn't contain harmful additives, such as chemical preservatives, toxins or dyes. I'm Mary Ylisela, Founder and Head Creator at Creatively Intentional Candle Co., and I was that disappointed customer. 

When I made my first batch of candles (Snickerdoodle), there weren't any plans to become the owner of a candle company. But, as a creative entrepreneur at heart, I felt compelled to share what I was making. After all, if I was disappointed with costly, low-quality candles that aggravated my asthma, there could certainly be others who faced the same problems. I spent the first few years introducing our products to customers at craft shows, markets and on our website.  In 2021, as the business took off, my son, Ethan joined Creatively Intentional. Over the years, he has become an instrumental part of the candlemaking process and is a familiar face at many of our markets. 


Throughout it all, we continually seek to "up our game" and blend unique scents we know our customers will love. Creatively Intentional keeps growing like crazy, and we are humbled and grateful. In 2023, my daughter Samantha began helping with administrative work and also ran our booth at several of our markets. Later in 2023, my daughter Rachel joined the business, working behind-the-scenes on a variety of tasks. Being able to say that we are a family business is a dream come true.

Here we believe that if you can think of it, you can create it. We also believe that dreams come true. I've had a lifelong passion for helping others feel good about themselves, their surroundings and the goals they've set. Our soy candles, wax melts and room sprays are "creatively" and "intentionally" handmade and hand-poured to help you feel uplifted, relaxed, grounded or rejuvenated.

Our customers are our reason and our motivation. We appreciate you bringing us into your home, and sharing our fragrances with family and friends.            

Our Commitment to You & the Environment

At Creatively Intentional, making a high quality, natural, cruelty-free product is important. We believe that everyone can benefit from a little help with self-care. But it should never be at the risk of your well-being, your family's well-being or at the detriment of our environment.

Our products are packaged in recyclable or reusable materials. We opt for natural, plant-based, toxin-free ingredients for our scented soy candles and wax melts.


To benefit you and our environment we are committed to our small batch, handmade, hand-poured process that creates:

  • Toxin-free 100% scented soy candles infused with plant-based essential oils
  • Clean burning with no petrol soot, carcinogens and pollutants
  • No chemical preservatives or dyes
  • Biodegradable and sustainable
  • Hand-poured and hand-packaged  
  • Cotton wicks are zinc-free and lead-free


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