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How to Fix a Candle with Tunneling

You bought a new candle and excitedly lit it, waiting for the scent to fill your space. But, oops, you blew it out before the wax was melted across the top to the depth of 1 inch. Improper candle care can cause wax to remain along the sides of the jar, causing the candle to form a tunnel as it burns. This is referred to as tunneling. Fortunately, it can be corrected. Watch this short video to learn how to fix a candle with this problem.


Regardless of what caused your candle to tunnel, this method will restore the surface to one that's even and burns smoothly across the top. You'll never have to let another great-smelling candle go to waste. 


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  • Thank you SO much for the tip on the tunneling of a candle. I have never had this happen to your products. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Mary :)

    Mary Budler

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